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Executive Trainee Graduate Program | Case Study

Q&A with Jarrod Germano, 

SVP Business Development and Recruitment


Q: Six years ago, you were just graduating college. Now, you are the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Recruitment here at HCI. What do you contribute to your rapid advancement?

Jarrod: I think a lot of it is purely hard work, really. You learn that you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room in order to be successful, you actually have to be the person that is willing to work the hardest in the room in order to really be successful and grow in a much quicker time frame than your typical traditional corporate world. A lot of my growth has come from the consistent engagement with HCI’s Leadership and the opportunity to work closely with all of them on a regular basis. Our leadership team is full of incredible experience that I have been able to take advantage of. Additionally, I have been lucky enough to work in an entrepreneurial-spirited company, where I have earned the opportunity to grow, and not sit in the same seat and the same role for years and years. So the combination of those three things is really what has allowed me to grow to where I am today.

Q: What inspired you to join HCI, which was just starting out at the time you came on board?

Jarrod: It was really the vision of the owners of the company that got me excited about joining HCI, and the fact that they didn’t just want to be a healthcare technology consulting firm – they wanted to be a global leader in healthcare technology consulting. And that was really attractive to me because, being a competitive person by nature, when you surround yourself with other individuals that have those characteristics, you motivate each other and feed off of each other’s success. That collective desire to really be a global leader is what inspired me to join HCI.

Q: How has the company grown during your time here, in your opinion?

Jarrod: It has been an incredible experience. I am a part of a very small percentage of individuals coming out of college in the entire world to experience the kind of growth that I have. We started as a group of people sitting in a room trying to figure out what all this was, and what healthcare meant. I would say our success came down to the fact that we were willing to work harder than anyone else in order to figure it out. We had the desire and the work ethic, and by gaining an understanding of the industry, and essentially surrounding ourselves with people who already did have that understanding, we were able to grow and feed off of them to become the global leader in healthcare technology that we are now.

Q: How has your career advanced here at HCI? How have you grown during your time here?

Jarrod: I started out as a recruiter, at one of the roles where you really get your feet wet in terms of learning the industry and how the business really works. I grew within the company through positions in sales and operations, and even became the first person to hold many of our different positions. We were growing so quickly that we were hitting walls and challenges where we didn’t have a position, or someone to tackle those and figure them out, so all eyes pointed to me to be the person that would go out and decide how these positions worked. I got the unique ability to be able to essentially develop positions that didn’t exist in the company that now do, and that now multiple people are in. Working at HCI, you get immersed in all different aspects of the industry.

Q: Have there been any specific highlights in your career so far?

Jarrod: I think there are a couple of things. One of them, just from a business development sales perspective, is landing about a dozen multimillion dollar deals over a two year span, which was obviously great for the growth of the company, but it was also great to build on the HCI story, and to really prove to the world that we are a key player in the industry. Another key highlight, for me, personally, was earning the respect from the company’s leadership. I have had the ability to have a say in what goes on in the company, and how things are done, something that a lot of individuals my age at this point in their career don’t have the opportunity to do. They don’t get to sit at the table with the C-suite and the executives, where I do. The ability to learn from our industry leaders gives me the ability to grow in my career, as well as have my input considered, which is an invaluable experience.

Q: What would your advice be for anyone considering working here at HCI?

Jarrod: If you are willing to work hard you will be successful at HCI. I’m the perfect example of it. If you want to grow quickly in your career, if you want to learn how to be a business executive, and you have a passion for entrepreneurship, this is the company where you have that opportunity. Additionally, you have the chance to do it very early on in your career, not when you’re in your 30s and 40s. At HCI, you have the opportunity to get this experience straight out of school.

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