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Download 8 Essential Factors for a Successful Epic EHR Upgrade8 Essential Factors for a Successful Epic EHR Upgrade

"But we just installed the system, now you're saying we must upgrade?!"

For maximum EHR (Electronic Health Record) ROI to be achieved, regular upgrades are needed. Continually reaping the benefits of your EHR investment requires you to commit to both the optimization and maintenance of the system, well beyond the initial Go-Live. Major EHR upgrades require significant investments of your finite time, labor, and budget resources. In this paper we will discuss challenges that you will likely face and ways in which the HCI Group can help.

The 8 Challenges discussed in the white paper:

  1. Budget & Planning
  2. Epic Project Director
  3. Epic Release Note Guidance
  4. Resource Augmentation Testing
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Epic Training Methodology
  7. Testing & Script Development
  8. Cutover support

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