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Closed Project Referrals

  • For closed project referral wins: An additional incentive up to $10,000/project can be earned and is based on the scope of the project and is calculated at 1.25% of the total project revenue.
  • Closed project exceeding $1M in revenue, incentives will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • All HCI consultants and non HCI employees are eligible for incentives. Additionally, past employees in good standing are eligible for an incentive.
  • HCI's corporate "internal" staff, executives and employees covered under sales incentive plans are not eligible to receive referral incentives.
  • Referral eligibility, payment terms and final amounts are approved and determined at the program manager's discretion.
  • For credit and ownership, all referrals must be made online at The HCI Group referral web submission form.
  • Qualified referrals made on the same day by multiple individuals will share equally in the incentive bonus if both referrals are validated.
  • All referral qualification will be supervised and tracked closely by the HCI Referral Department. Full transparency and regular updates will be made to ensure payment and status are relayed in a timely manner.
  • All referrals will receive equal consideration without regard to race, religion, sex, marital status, or disability
  • Individuals due bonus payments will be required to complete the required tax forms for processing.
  • The amount payable for the incentive will be determined based on the amount hours worked and billed during the SOW term. Projects have an estimated range of value but are not actualized until the pay-out date.
  • All referrals must be validated by phone with the HCI Referral Department and sales as a net new project previously unknown to The HCI Group and to clarify the details and scope of the referral.
  • For SMEs and influencers, additional support maybe requested to assist the sales team during the closing process.
  • A 50% pay-out will made at the project's mid-point and the remainder will be made within two weeks at the end of the SOW term.

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