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COVID-19 Service Desk 

We have activated our COVID-19 patient triage help desk group based on FAQs created with our clients. We have two levels:

  • Level 1 - for traditional questions
  • Level 2 - for clinical RNs to address clinical concerns and symptoms

Patient COVID-19 Questions – Tier 1 help desk resources 

  • Working 6am to 8pm shifts 
  • Answering FAQs established by client and with HCI on COVID-19; rescheduling appointments, links of CDC or where to go, how to prevent sickness, etc.  
  • We are providing reports as to what wait times patients are seeing, how many abandoned calls, and how many calls you are receiving – this will get more detailed as we progress but as of right now, clients just want patients to have a person to speak to 
  • All support resources are onshore and out of our call centers in Jacksonville FL, Plano Texas and Fargo North Dakota.  

Patient COVID-19 Questions – RN Nurse Triage  

  • Working 6am to 8pm shifts  
  • Receiving calls once the Tier 1 team has fielded and triaged to the RN.  S
  • Because of President Trump's lift on across state license, our RNs do not have to be licensed in your state, in order to practice 
  • Calls pertaining to: COVID-19 Symptoms, any severe cases the client would like the RN to field 
  • Making recommendations as to next steps: Get tested, go to the designated testing facility, don’t do anything, etc.  
  • All RNs are onshore and working out of their home offices with our technology 

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