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EHR Optimization Guide Planning SuccessEHR Optimization Guide | Planning for Success

EHR Optimization demands come from many different directions. Whether they are operational or regulatory in nature, it is vital for an organization to embrace a strong optimization plan. This will prioritize enhancements to the system, make efficient decisions, heighten communication and equip end users with the skills needed to comprehend any system changes.

To employ an EHR, follow a set of steps as listed and analyzed in this guide:

  • Post Go-Live EHR Optimization - Developing a Solid Foundation
  • Balance and Prioritize Various Types of Build Requests
  • Previously Out of Scope Items
  • Meaningful Use and Other Regulatory Requirements
  • Enhancements Beyond Go-Live
  • EHR Upgrades
  • Use the Training Team to Reinforce Tricky Workflows and Communicate Updates

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