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Download the EHR Training Guide 18 Best PracticesEHR Training Guide
18 Best Practices

If you are just beginning your new EHR Training program, one of the first questions you will probably be asking yourself is simple. Where do I begin?

Whether you are wondering where to start or have already begun the training process, we know the best practices that can help your EHR Training project be successful. Having led many of the nation’s largest EHR Training and Go-Live projects, HCI’s SVP of Training, Stephen Tokarz, has 18 proven best practices to help guide you through your EHR Training Program:

  1. Establish a Training Advisory Group
  2. Computer Basics
  3. Perform Tailored Training Calculator Analysis
  4. EHR Training Center/Room Planning
  5. Operational Readiness and Early EHR Training Events
  6. EHR Super User/Power Provider Program
  7. Backfill

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