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Download 8 Solutions to Healthcare Data Migration Problems8 Solutions to Healthcare Data Migration Problems

Let's face it: healthcare data migration is not as simple as transferring information between systems for other industries, where you often simply pull records from one source and insert them into another. Migrating data to a new electronic health record system requires expertise in the legacy EHR and the new one, as well as an emphasis on patient care. In this paper we discuss 8 common problems when migrating your healthcare data and solutions to those problems.

Learn the 8 Solutions to Healthcare Data Migration Problems:

  1. Choosing Improper Source Information
  2. Starting with the Wrong Scope Definition
  3. Inefficiency Importing Data
  4. Creating Crosswalks Incorrectly
  5. Ignoring Qualified Resources
  6. Overlooking Metrics
  7. Insufficiency, Auditing, and Validating
  8. Not Testing Production Data

Downloading this paper will help you foresee and combat these common problems.

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