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Achieving EMRAM Stage 7  |  Webinar Recording

St. Luke's Goes 7 for 7 on EMRAM Stage 7

Featuring Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO - St. Luke's University Hospital Network

The HCI Group, Chad Brisendine (VP & CIO), and Jennifer Grell (Director of Clinical Informatics) of St. Luke's University Hospital Network hosted an informative webinar about achieving HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7, and how St. Luke's successfully achieved Stage 7 status on 7 hospitals, including the first in New Jersey.

From collecting data on your organization and comparing it to EMRAM Stage 7 criteria, to alignment and site readiness preparation, attaining Stage 7 status can be quite the undertaking. With so many factors to consider, less than 5% of hospitals had achieved Stage 7 status by the end of 2016.

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