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Healthcare technology initiatives require vast amounts of time and attention in preparing the system. Just as important as the technology is the ability and willingness of your end users to utilize it and gain proficiency. The HCI Group offers our clients a comprehensive solution to ensure that leadership, staff and providers support the change and are well prepared to effectively utilize the system.

No One Left Behind

The HCI Group’s change-management methodologies make certain that everyone impacted is identified and adequately prepared. We’ve developed practical engagement strategies that target key audiences such as executives, management, physicians and front-line staff.

Major initiatives, including CPOE, Meaningful Use, ICD 10 and more, rely heavily on physician engagement and collaboration with the healthcare team. The HCI Group can provide expertise on proven strategies to assess and ensure physician support and utilization of the technology. The HCI Group has a proven record of leading large multidisciplinary groups of clinicians and physicians through major change initiatives, with measurable positive impact to patient care.

A Comprehensive, Principled Approach

Change is never easy, and communication is critical. The HCI Group will help you deliver an effective communication strategy highlighting the value and key messages to the right audience at the right time. We work to assess each stakeholder’s readiness and design custom solutions that are applied directly from the results. Similarly, our workflows are redesigned to maximize both clinical and staff efficiency and will positively impact the overall patient experience. The HCI Group will ensure that maximum results are obtained for your organization and that your staff will effectively embrace the change.

Effective Education Solutions

We provide experienced consultants who can help you plan and deliver quality training. Not only do they understand how adults learn, but they bring best-practice tools and methods forward. The HCI Group will be with you every step of the way and provide:

  •  Training plan development and execution
  •  Curriculum and content development
  •  Domain management
  •  Super-user preparedness
  •  Training delivery, including web based, classroom and 1:1 training
  •  Experienced physician trainers
  •  Activation support
  •  Post implementation strategy and support

We are ready to support and lead any or all of your training efforts so that your staff can learn and focus on preparing for the changes during this critical time.

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