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Post-Covid Scheduling

Post covid-19 scheduling

Due to Covid-19, health systems have had to cancel thousands and thousands of outpatient appointments and surgeries. Also, patients who have developed issues over the last two months have avoided getting the care they need. Thus, patients are at risk for more severe illness, and hospitals have been losing revenue for months. Once re-opened for regular business, getting these patients scheduled and seen as quickly as possible is essential for the health of the patient and the financial stability of the institution.

HCI has developed a three-pronged approach

Level 1: We will analyze cancelled appointments and the patient population to prioritize patients needing to be seen.

Level 2: We will use our EHR skills to update physician schedules based on post-Covid-19 changes.

Level 3: We will use our service desk team to reach out to patients, schedule them for visits and record changes in their registration information.


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