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Telehealth: Past, Present & Future

20th January 2021  1 PM (EST)


Webinar Overview

Join Ed Marx and his special guest, Dr. Brian D'Anza MD, Medical Director of Telehealth/Digital Health at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, as they engage in an interactive discussion concerning the past, present and future of telehealth. In 2020, pandemic induced digital transformation really accelerated the adoption of telehealth. While a high-water mark was reached during the Spring, we witnessed a slow, but steady reduction in the number of telehealth visits. With 2020 as the "past," Ed and Brian will consider the following questions: where are we today and where will we be in the future, one year from now? They will chat about the competitive, technical, consumer, political and safety drivers and how to ensure your organization thrives in this new era of virtual care.

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Key Speakers

Ed Marx - Round

Ed Marx,
Chief Digital Officer at The HCI Group

Marx is a leader in the healthcare industry and former CIO at some of the nation's largest health systems. Author of the 2019 best seller "Voices of Innovation" and co-author of "Healthcare Digital Transformation", publishing in May. He was Chief Information Officer at Cleveland Clinic, where his responsibilities included digital solutions as well as information technology. Prior to joining Cleveland Clinic, Edward served as the CIO for The Advisory Board, Texas Health Resources and University Hospitals.
Brian Danza

Dr. Brian D'Anza,
Medical Director of Digital Health & Telehealth at University Hospitals Health System in Cleveland, Ohio
Dr. Brian D'Anza has been involved in digital health for over 10 years and also serves as the Clinical Lead for Innovation and Digital Health in the Ear, Nose, and Throat Institute at University Hospitals. A sinus and skull base surgeon by training, he is involved in academics, serving as an Assistant Professor at Case Western University School of Medicine and has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles with a focus on telemedicine and clinical care pathways.

He has utilized and been party to digital health in his clinical practice at several forward thinking academic institutions including University Hospitals, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Geisinger Health System. Additionally, he serves on the Telehealth and Medical Informatics Committees for the American Academy of Otolaryngology. In 2016, he co-founded and served as President and CEO of SmartDocMD, a telemedicine company using asynchronous care and augmented intelligence to direct evidence-based care for acute medical conditions.

During the pandemic he helped lead the expansion of digital health at University Hospitals. The enterprise efficiently expanded telehealth services from less than 20 providers to nearly 2000 in a 2 week period. During his time as Medical Director, total visits have expanded from less than 1800 in all of 2019, to over 300,000 thus far in 2020, as well as expanding programs in the emergency department, inpatient, and sub-specialty services. He focuses currently on implementing asynchronous technologies and providing expert guidance on development of new telehealth platforms. Dr. D'Anza strives to be at the forefront of clinical innovation with hopes to advance the field of digital health to improve access, efficiency, and affordability for all patients.