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Digital unplugged (1)-8

Digital Unplugged: How to Enable Enterprise Digital Transformation

Part 4: Enabling Foundations

Digital transformation is a reimagining of the business through a combination of technology, data, people and processes.

Executives should have a firm understanding of the foundations that enable digital transformation. No need for microanalysis, just enough so you can understand the impact of technology infrastructure on digital transformation. 

Digital health requires strong technology foundations to deliver seamless experiences. It requires robust processing power and networking, data privacy and security, data management and interoperability, and more. Health systems are often burdened by decades of underinvestment and technical debt, which must be addressed to enable digital transformation. Being a digitally enabled organization requires a new way of work, where embracing concepts like agile, IT service management, and technology business management is already assumed in the emerging competitive landscape. Join us as we review these requirement along with data ownership and management, data integration and interoperability, security and privacy.

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Hosted by:

Edward Marx - Consultant & Advisor to healthcare organizations on a digital transformation journey. Leader in the healthcare industry and former CIO at some of the nation's largest health systems. Author of the 2019 best seller "Voices of Innovation" and co-author of "Healthcare Digital Transformation", publishing in May.  

Paddy Padmanabhan - Author, speaker and entrepreneur with over 20 years in healthcare technology markets. Paddy is the CEO of Damo Consulting, a digital transformation and growth advisory firm that works with healthcare enterprises and technology firms. Prior to starting his firm in 2014, Paddy served in leadership roles in global firms such as Accenture, Wipro, and GE and in two Silicon Valley startups that went through successful exits. Paddy is actively involved as a conference committee member for HIMSS and SHSMD and has served as a Board Member of the Illinois Chapter of HIMSS. He is the host of the Big Unlock podcast featuring C-level executives in healthcare, technology and digital health. 

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